The art heals the soul”

ART AGAINST CANCER, non profit organisation, Irena Kraftova – chairman , author of the project

 We believe that artistic feeling is inside every one of us a the presentation of perceptions, dreams or discription of reality and emotion by plastic art is a factor contributing to the mental growth

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non profit project

the only one gallery in the Czech Republic and the EU (in the world)

Anenská 13, Staré Město, Praha 1 (new small place without bariers)


in the natural way of humaneness and respect

 Purpose and main activities:

  • Operation of gallery for oncological patients and supporting artist as a center of education and prevention of cancer
  • Support of active artistic activities of oncology patients or other seriously ill people
  • Motivational activities supporting activities, organisational activities, exhibition activities
  • Support of communication between the artistic world of the healthy and the
  • sick
  • Support of culturally educational and awareness activities

 Target groups

  • sick people who were diagnosed with oncological or other incurable diseases and are artistically active, children and adults
  • relatives and loved ones of oncological patients, parents, siblings, children, friends
  • senior citizens, disabled people
  • artists, general public – professional or laic
  • helping professions

 The gallery will act as a promotional community for other helping foundations, clubs, children’s homes , senior asylums, hospices and services that through their mission meet the needs of gravely ill patients and their families

www.umeniprotirakovine.cz               tel. 605 547 260 , Irena Kraftová-director,

email: umeniprotirakovine@gmail.com


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(Czech Dialog, November 2016) exhibition from childrens patients THE BRAVE

„I have always believed that art heals the soul, and this thought proved to be true after I founded the gallery.“ These are the words of Irena Kraftova, the chairman of “Art Against Cancer” and the author of the idea and the realization of a unique Prague gallery, which is the only gallery in the world with such a specialization.

Her project began in 2012 with pediatric patients from Prague and Brno in a former gallery space in Dejvice. It hosted dozens of motivating exhibitions of adult authors mostly, e.g. women with breast cancer. And now, in a new barrier free space, she turned her attention back to children again.


Oncological disease is a very complicated situation for the child and at the same time it is an acid test for the whole family. Any activity the child pursues is therefore desirable and important. „The basic concept (which is unfortunately a little bit underestimated by modern medicine) is, that a human being comprises not only of a body, but also of a soul. And any activity of these kids is very important,“ said  Prof. Josef Koutecký (founder of paediatric oncology in the Czech Republic ) at the opening of the first exhibition „The Brave“.  The exhibition was sponsored also by other experts who came to the opening and delivered their speeches, together with Mrs. Irena Kraftova.


For the opening of the new barrier free gallery (Anenská 13, Praha 1) for oncological patients and supporting artists Irena Kraftova chose an exhibition introducing pictures of paediatric patients and she gave the exhibition also a suitable name: The Brave. Young authors from the kindergarten and the school in the Motol hospital can present their art to the public right in the centre of the Czech metropolis.  „You can see many beautiful colourful pictures  not only from oncology in Motol, but there are children pictures from all the departments of the hospital here. And I would like to point out the work of their teachers, it is clearly visible here. That´s why I gave the exhibition the name „The Brave,“ said Irena Kraftova


„Brave are the ones who fight the disease, but the people who care after them are brave too.“

And the gallery absolutely fulfils this motto. „I am glad that the gallery exists and I will keep my fingers crossed because I hope it will support as many patients as it is possible.  I think that not only children need such a support, adult patients need it too,“ said O. Lomecky.

Some time ago Czech doctors could successfully heal only three percent of oncological paediatric patients. Today up to eighty percent of pediatric patients overcome this disease. And painting and drawing is a big impulse for their successful curing. The gallery wants to be a centre for enlightenment and prevention in the fight against cancer and wants to support artistic activities of oncological and other seriously ill patients. The gallery wants to promote communication between the world of „healthy“ and „ill“  and  between respected artists and the ones who are just beginners in this field.

This gallery is a clear proof that besides specialized medical care oncological patients need also faith that they will overcome the illness.

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Thank you so much for your possible support and help*.  

ART AGAINST CANCER, non profit organisation, Irena Kraftova – chairman , author of the project

www.umeniprotirakovine.cz, +420 605 547 260, umeniprotirakovine@gmail.com

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Ministry of culture 

Prof. MUDr. Josef Koutecký, DrSc., founder of pediatric oncology in Czechoslovakia /

Prof. MUDr. Pavel Klener, DrSc., head of the 1st Internal Clinic of the Institute of Hematology and Blood Transfusion VFN /

Prof. MUDr. Jan Starý, DrSc., head of the Clinic of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology FN Motol /

Ing. Oldřich Lomecký, mayor of Praha 1 Municipal District /

Meda Mládková, founder of Jan and Meda Mladek Foundation and Muzeum Kampa

Doc. PhDr. Jiří Tomáš Kotalík, CSc., czech art historian /

Táňa Fischerová, actress and candidate for president of the Czech republic

and other personalities of the scientific and artistic world